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Get Involved -
World Sepsis Day/ Sepsis September

Sepsis September (month of September) & World Sepsis Day (13th September) are are important dates in the calendar that encourage the community to come together to raise awareness of sepsis, a condition that kills approximately one Australian every hour (that's more than suicide, breast cancer or prostate cancer) We encourage workplaces, schools, sporting organisations and individuals to get involved and join us in helping promoting sepsis in our community. There are many simple ways that you can help spread the word about sepsis and we have created the following lists to help guide you on ways you can get involved.  

Fundraising Ideas


Decorate or dress in yellow/orange for a gold coin donation

Host a cupcake/icecup/ jellycup stall in Is It Sepsis themed colours (orange/yellow)

Host a sausage sizzle/food or drinks stall fundraiser

Host a morning Tea for Thomas fundraiser

Sell orange/ yellow ribbons that participants can wear at sports, schools or workplaces

Awareness Ideas

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17 (2).png
19 (2).png

Share the Is It Sepsis? animation on your social media pages or host a screening at your organisation 

Decorate your workplace with Is It Sepsis themed buntings, posters and other downloadable images (visit resources tab on our website:

Run quizzes/colouring in competitions for your school/ workplace with the downloadable resources that have been shared (see resource tab on our website:

Run a sporting event or activity that promotes sepsis:

eg #kick4sepsis or #hitsepsisforsix

Get creative and get your school/workplace involved by re-creating the Is It Sepsis? animation via video or at a school assembly

If you are planning a T for Thomas/Is It Sepsis fundraising or awareness activity, we would love to hear from you. Please register your intentions by filling in the registration form below:


Register your fundraising activity here

Thanks for registering your interest in fundraising for T for Thomas. We will respond to you shortly.

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